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Accident / Insurance Fraud Investigation

At Abbey Investigations we have been specialising in insurance fraud for twenty years. Some of our staff have been with us since the commencement of our business. The experience we have is second to none and we have an extremely high rate of success.

With our camera technology we are able to provide video and photographic evidence covering and identifying insurance fraudsters at distances of over 2 kilometers. We are the only investigators in Ireland using such specialised photographic equipment. We are retained by nearly all the leading Insurance companies in Ireland to combat insurance fraud.

Employee Absenteeism

This area of our business has seen an unprecedented growth in recent years. In recent months we have successfully combated numerous cases of major fraud in this area. The most common occurrences are to be seen where employees are working elsewhere whilst still claiming sick benefits from their employers.

In a recent six month period we have had various employees sacked over serious misconduct throughout the spectrum of a companies employment ranks. It is alarming to see the number of employees( often in highly paid jobs with important positions) abusing their employers, and fraudulently claiming sick benefit.

Staff Theft

This is an area where greater vigilance is needed as theft accounts for serious losses in a lot of businesses. Theft can occur in numerous locations - pubs, shops, factory premises and offices.

It is a sad but realistic reflection on our workforce that there are very few premises with employees that are not stealing in some way from their employers.
The main problems associated with small shops tends to be employees stealing lotto cash cards, cigarettes, and also not charging friends and family members the full amount.

On average in shops and pubs the amount of cash that goes missing is four to five hundred Euro per week.

Any factory premiss that is supplying any finished product marketable to consumers will find that a certain amount of their product goes missing each week, and their staff will be the culprits. Our success rate in this field is extremely high, and we have combated a number of large scale frauds being commited by staff. The amount which goes missing in factory circumstances varies greatly, but often can total thousands of Euro per week.

We have had prosecutions and a large numbers of dismissals based on the evidence we have supplied.
Outlined below are the most recent examples of staff theft which we have successfully investigated – the companies involved have not been named in the interest of confidentiality.

  1. Factory products– Drug companies, high value gift companies, companies producing luxury products.
  2. Food products – Butchers, Restaurants, supermarkets, beef factories, mineral waters and soft drinks.
  3. Raw materials from builders providers, timber products from forestry harvesters.
  4. Fuel theft – at petrol stations, from contractors yards, siphoned from trucks and from home heating suppliers.
  5. Alcohol theft from breweries, pubs and wholeslalers.

The above examples consist of only a small selection of the areas where we have had success in combating theft by employees. If a product has a high consumer demand the temptation will always be there for employees to steal.

Counterfeit Goods

This is an aspect of business that is growing for all major companies. Individuals or groups are copying goods and costing companies millions each year. Perhaps the greatest loss is the reputation of the company, as the goods that are produced by the counterfeiters are usually of poor and sub-standard quality. We have had major success with our investigations, and many result in Garda prosecutions.

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