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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how we at Abbey Investigations Ltd collect, use, share and protect your data. We are registered Data Processors and all our data is processed in strict compliance with the GDPR 2018. This policy applies to all personal data processed by Abbey Investigations Ltd including client data, third party data (external) and employee data, (internal).

Obtaining and Processing Information.

We are committed to obtaining and processing data in a fair and accurate manner.  In relation to external data the processing of data collected is necessary for:

1.   The purpose of obtaining legal advice or in connection with legal proceedings


2.   The processing is necessary for the purposes of establishing exercising or defending legal rights


3.   The processing is necessary in order to exercise or perform a right or obligation which is conferred or imposed by law on the data processor in connection with employment


4.   The processing is necessary for the administration of justice

Data is collected on the instructions of clients, and only data relevant to instruction is collected or processed.


In relation to internal data, the information collected is only relevant to employee details which are necessary for a contractual employment agreement with Abbey Investigations Ltd.

Scope of Data

All data collected will be kept accurate complete and up to date to the best of our knowledge and ability. 

Only data relevant to our investigations will be gathered, and any data not considered relevant or necessary will be deleted.



At the conclusion of the investigation the Client will be provided with copies of all information  including reports and photographic / video evidence where applicable. All data collected and processed under the contract will then be permanently deleted from our systems within sixty days.  It is not the responsibility of Abbey Investigations Ltd. to retain any copies of data once this data has been transferred to the Client.


However it is a requirement for Abbey Investigations Ltd. to keep details of the service provided, to include a breakdown of the various elements that made up the investigation, number of hours surveillance, invoicing details, name of investigator(s). This does not include details obtained during the investigation.


Data will not be held for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained.


Information Safety and Security

At Abbey Investigations we treat the security of information very seriously.  Please refer to our Information Security Policy and Procedures.



Personal data is only disclosed to a third party for legal reasons.  All employees of the company must sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Right of Access, Rectification or Erasure

An individual has a right to be given a copy of his/her personal data.  A Subject Access Request should be made in writing to the Company Address:

The Director, Abbey Investigations Ltd., First Floor, 36 Lower Main Street, Dungarvan, Co Waterford. X35 F864

A fee of �6.35 applies to each Subject Access Request.

I.D. must be provided.

A reply to the request will be made within 40 calendar days.

An individual has a right to have his/her personal data corrected, if inaccurate, or erased if there is not a legitimate reason for retaining the data.

You can request rectification or erasure by writing to the Company Address:

The Director, Abbey Investigations Ltd., First Floor, 36 Lower Main Street, Dungarvan, Co Waterford. X35 F864.

There is no charge for this request and we will comply within 40 calendar days.

Review and Update

This Privacy Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis. Abbey Investigations Ltd., reserves the right to update and modify this policy at any time.

 Policy Governance


The following table identifies who within Abbey Investigations Ltd is Accountable, Responsible, Informed or Consulted with regards to this policy.  The following definitions apply:


       Responsible – the person(s) responsible for developing and implementing the policy.

       Accountable – the person who has ultimate accountability and authority for the policy.

       Consulted – the person(s) or groups to be consulted prior to final policy implementation or amendment.

       Informed – the person(s) or groups to be informed after policy implementation or amendment.



Michelle Clarke – Company Secretary


Declan Clarke - Director


Declan Clarke, Michelle Clarke


All Abbey Investigations Ltd Employees.