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Abbey's Equipment

A significant part of our budget is spent on keeping up to date with latest developments in surveillance and photographic technology.
Amongst the range of equipment we use are:

  • Long-range imaging systems capable of acquiring video footage and photographic evidence at ranges of over two kilometers.
  • A wide range of covert cameras.
  • Miniature wireless cameras.
  • Infra red capable cameras rated for use in light intensities as low as zero lux, i.e. Almost-darkness.

Long Range Imaging Systems

Long range imaging systems

Our long range imaging capabilities consist of the best photographic equipment available today, with high-resolution digital SLR cameras and numerous super-telephoto professional lenses with apertures of 2.8 for fast, sharp photos. Our video cameras are also capable of the same high-resolution video All photographic footage can be supplied via e-mail, CD, and also hard copies. All video evidence can be supplied via broadband link, DVD, VHS and HI8.